Who’s Mountassir Bay Tamsamani ?

The 1939 film Son of Frankenstein starred Boris Karloff and Basil Rathbone

Coming from an atypical background that gradually crystallized around activist engineering in the service of humanitarian volunteering, I have always been interested in issues related to the use of new technologies to advance research in the human and social sciences in general, and in particular from a humanistic point of view that is not only multilateral but also inclusive, based on compassion, benevolence and the fight against social inequalities, especially in education, by democratising access to knowledge and cyber-citizenship through the integration of ICTs as a means of facilitating access to learning, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa.

This preoccupation, inseparable from the incessant desire to broaden my field of study, and a personal interest in mediation in an associative environment and in the History of Science, particularly in its cultural dimension, led me to the University of Western Brittany (L’Université de Bretagne Occidentale – UBO), where I am currently preparing my  thesis on the implementation of a Machine Learning (sub-branch of the field of Artificial Intelligence) explorer prototype that interrogates  19th and early 20th century English literature joining the registry of science fiction crossed by horror.

Concisely, the main objective is to answer the question about the interest of adapting research methods, using mathematical, statistical and computer analysis tools, to problems related to the humanities in the broad sense and the history of science and technology in a special way, or even the history of literature or representations.

This work, which, moreover, is largely of Digital Humanities understood as a composite and intrinsically multidisciplinary discipline, essentially mobilises probabilistic models applied to a corpus gathering a fairly large number of raw text extracts in their original language drawn randomly from various works belonging to the most representative authors of a given literary genre and whose lives clearly trace the evolutionary chronology of the latter, This would also make it possible to examine the evolution of thematic and linguistic trends, always bearing in mind that my work must remain both reusable for other literary data and extensible for any need to deploy an even more substantial textual collection that would cover a wider spatiotemporal interval.

I hope to see you later to write, read and exchange on these exiting questions !

Mountassir Bay Tamsamani.

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Mountassir Bay Tamsamani (2023, 16 mai). Who’s Mountassir Bay Tamsamani ? Carnet de recherches des étudiants EHST. Consulté le 28 mai 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/r45b

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Mountassir Bay Tamsamani

Hi ! My name is Mountassir Bay Tamsamani and as a student at The University of Western Brittany (France), a follower of Bachelardian thought, a lover of the humanities and deeply committed to humanitarian action, my main interest is in promoting access to knowledge through new technologies, artificial intelligence and data science applied to the humanities and social sciences, in particular Natural Language Processing. I would be delighted to discuss these or any other research topics.

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